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Drawing References


Collections of stock images or references

πŸ”΄ Indicates the resource contains nude models
πŸ’² Indicates that most or all of the functionality requires a payment or subscription
πŸ“± Indicates a mobile-only app


Model and Pose Stock Images

πŸ’² Croquis Cafe ($36/year) πŸ”΄
  • Weekly Video Modeling Sessions: Link
  • Model Photo Collection: Link
  • Sketch Slideshow: Link
  • Nature Photos: Link
  • Pose Archive: Link
  • Sketch Slideshow: Link

Stock Photographs

These sites mainly feature landscapes and composed shots, with less focus on figure reference and poses

Pose Tools

Programs and Apps

  • Just Sketch Me
    • Contains a set of low-poly models to arrange in scenes
    • Offers premium version with higher quality prefabs
  • Magic Poser πŸ“±
    • 3D posable model with a library of stock poses
    • Offers a premium version with more models and features
  • Design Doll
    • Build a single-color humanoid model that can be posed and stretched
    • Offers a robust set of features with a premium version available
  • Magma
    • It’s figma for artists (lots of people collaborate on one piece)