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Job Searching

Job Boards

Job searching is an unfortunate reality of the capitalistic hellscape. Each board is given a rating from 1-10 based on job searching experience and general credibility. A :thumbsup: means I have used and would recommend the board. I do not list boards I would not recommend.

  • We Work Remotely

    • Focused on larger silicon valley companies. Don’t expect to get far unless you have prior experience.
  • Jobspresso

    • Listings for technical positions by Fortune 500 companies which are not necessarily in the tech sector
  • Authentic Jobs

    • Focused on “Boomer Tech” companies and long-term startups (which have kept it going for 3+ years)
  • 4 Day Week

    • Listings only for companies offering a 4-day work week. Features a lot of brand new tech startups. A good place to find your Plan B
  • Remote Work Junkie

    • Only take this company as serious as their name. A good place to find openings, but not a good third party to apply through.
  • Remote OK

    • A good aggregator for remote listings.
  • Built In

    • If you live near one of the tech hubs listed here, this is a good place to see who is hiring.
  • Wellfound

    • Previously known as AngelList Talent. Tailored more exclusively to tech startups.
  • Working Nomads

    • Nothing is particularly special about this board but that’s not a bad thing.
  • JS Jobbs

    • If you’ve committed to the agony of learning javascript, here are some people that might hire you.
  • FlexJobs

    • Prides itself of filtering out scams and deceptive ads. This remains to be proven true or false.
  • Remotists

    • A very curated list of companies. There’s no particular rhyme or reason to the curation rules but it certainly is a list.
  • First Hand

    • It smells like a recruiting company but if it gets you hired, it works.

Company Recon

A job search is often seen as a one-sided affair in the company’s favor. Part of your role as interviewee is to do a basic google search on the company. These websites will help you find data points to give you an edge in the interview, like employee sentiment, average salary, and company size. Knowing these can help you make a competitve counter-offer if you are offered a job.

  • Comparably

    • Helps sort companies into a categories using lots of buzzwords but still not a terrible place to start a search

    • An easy way to compare salaries across roles and companies
  • The Muse

    • Provides insight on office culture of a potential employer

Pre-Interview Evaluation

Some applications will require a “proof of skill” challenge before (or during) the interview stage. You shouldn’t sign up to websites unless you are explicitly doing one of these entrance exams, but it’s good to know about them and know what you are getting in to. Be sure you have licensed any of your own code before offering it to an employer.

  • Hacker Rank
    • This company is focused on prescreening a potential employer’s prescreened candidates even further with various coding scenarios.