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Game Preservation

The ongoing battle against corporate ignorance and corporate greed causes a lot of older video games to become lost media. These are resources that work to archive games and make them freely available.

List of Top Rated Reproduction Software (2024)

Software to reproduce a facsimilie of games using legally obtained ROM images

  • NES: Mesen
  • SNES: Snes9x
  • N64: RMG
  • GC/Wii: Dolphin
  • Wii U: Cemu
  • Switch: Yuzu/Ryo
  • GBC: SameBoy
  • GBA: mGBA
  • NDS: DeSmuME
  • 3DS: Citra
  • PS1: DuckStation
  • PS2: PCSX2
  • PS3: RPCS3
  • Arcade: RetroArch
  • Xbox: Xemu
  • Dreamcast: Redream