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Art Tools


A list of different resources for digital art

Online Tools

  • EZGif
    • A comprehensive tool to manipulate Gifs and WebP files.
  • 3D Gif Maker
    • Make a variety of animated gifs from uploaded images
  • Adobe Color
    • Palette generator for complementary colors
  • Floor Planner
    • Quickly lay out building floorplans with stock models
  • SculptGL
    • Browser-based modeling tool

Asset Libraries

  • GifCities
    • A project from the Internet Archive. A searchable library of animated Gifs
  • Irasutoya (JP)
    • Library of free clipart

Apps and Programs

  • Inkscape
    • An open-source alternative to Clip Studio Paint
  • PhotoMosh Pro
    • Visual-effect mixer which lets you add filters, glitching, and other effects