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Model Tools


A collection of stock models and materials for 3D modeling, and some utility programs

Stock 3D models

  • Turbosquid
    • Owned by shutterstock, has a decently sized free library
  • Cult3D
    • Provides models specifically calibrated for 3D printing
  • Poly Pizza
    • Free and Paid low-poly models
  • 💲Dimensions
    • Provides models along with their real-world dimensions.
  • mz4250’s Free DnD Models
    • Free models calibrated for 3D printing
  • The Models Resource
    • A collection of models ripped from video games
  • Sketchfab
    • Akin to deviantart for modelers, free and paid models uploaded by users
    • Assets and 3D scans of human models

Textures and Materials

Apps and Programs

  • Meshlab
    • Tool to clean up and remesh 3D meshes to remove noise and artifacts
  • MBFP
    • Blender plugin to generate humaniod meshes and rigs
  • 💲Marvelous Designer
    • Standalone program for generating clothing and fabric
  • Polycam
    • Mobile app to perform Lidar scans of real-world objects. Requires a phone camera with Lidar capability


  • Hex3D
    • Custom designed models and 3D prints